Teach in the Box

Most of us have been working with rubrics to some extent whether through assessing student work, working in teams to create them for KATs, student self-assessments or using them as a teaching and differentiation tool.

RubricAn effective strategy to help progress students through the developmental levels of a rubric column can be to isolate a column or box within the rubric. This can allow the teacher to develop activities to teach the specific skill at that level and to provide examples of what the skill/knowledge looks like at that level.

The adjoining column is from a song writing rubric where students are taught to use rhyming couplets to compose lyrics for a song. I used the column at various times throughout the unit to teach specific concepts and skills relating to rhyming couplets and to try and move students through the increasing levels. The right hand side of this column is just a quick annotation of what I attempted to do.

Using this strategy helped students to be clear about what each level looked like and allowed them to be able to see what level their work was at and what the next level of development is.

Let us know of any rubric successes you have had in your classes.  We are also looking for a variety of staff to provide some ‘Crusoe teaching tips’ for our weekly contributions. Let us know if you would be prepared to do so.


Assessment for Teaching. Edited by Patrick Griffin 2nd edition


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