Open Your Doors

Lou Phillips Many of us over the years have been uncomfortable with ideas of team teaching, peer observation, open space teaching – situations where our skills (and ourselves) are “on show”. Many teachers are quite happy teaching in insulated spaces protected from perceived judgement and analysis. As one of these teachers previously, it was about […]

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Targeted Improvement

Lou Phillips As goals often contain many skills or elements that need to be mastered, breaking these down to a specific skill or element that could lead towards achieving the goal can improve learning outcomes. Improving just one skill per term will empower students’ learning by far. Each term, for every student in your class […]

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  GRIT – Craig Kelly We have all taught these two kinds of students: Student 1 – Puts in little effort, gets by on talent, “I’ll work harder when it matters” Student 2 – Puts in a great deal of effort, not as talented, has a long term goal Which student will be more successful? […]

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