Listen Up

Students listening quietly and attentively is almost the holy grail of teaching. On a day where you are able to stand in front of the class, deliver the content, conduct a classroom discussion and have students in the palm of your hand is a day that you leave school feeling like the best teacher ever. […]

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Critical Feedback

Lou Phillips I love this short video about giving feedback – it is about a grade 4 group but I think it’s still very relevant to us and provides a gentle, guided approach to how feedback can be given and used. This clip demonstrates the transformational power of modelling, critiquing and giving useful feedback to […]

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Work hard to work it out

We know that teachers have a big impact on student learning and that great teachers inspire and shape learning in a meaningful way. I was however interested to read of science and maths after school programs in India where students who did not have qualified teachers guiding them, outperformed students who did and why this […]

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