Progression, not Perfection

Read Time:  1 min 30. Here is one that I got out of a documentary called “Chasing Perfection” which explores what it takes to be an elite athlete. Michael Johnson the champion 200m and 400m runner was interviewing Sir Dave Brailsford who helped Great Britain Cycling win 8 Gold medals at both the 2008 and […]

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Reading to Learn

Louise Phillips Reference Article:   The Reading Gap – Alex Quigley I thought this was a particularly pertinent article for this time of the year when we are in the process of grade 6 to 7 transition and looking at vocab. The article attached makes a lot of sense; that we focus heavily on the “fitting in” […]

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Teach to Teach

Learning by teaching is extremely effective as a learning strategy but do we do enough of it? After completing a peer teaching session, I thought I’d reflect on why it worked so well. The research says that learning is enhanced through the act of teaching others; that students who spend time teaching what they’ve learned […]

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Teach in the Box

Most of us have been working with rubrics to some extent whether through assessing student work, working in teams to create them for KATs, student self-assessments or using them as a teaching and differentiation tool. An effective strategy to help progress students through the developmental levels of a rubric column can be to isolate a […]

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Open Your Doors

Lou Phillips Many of us over the years have been uncomfortable with ideas of team teaching, peer observation, open space teaching – situations where our skills (and ourselves) are “on show”. Many teachers are quite happy teaching in insulated spaces protected from perceived judgement and analysis. As one of these teachers previously, it was about […]

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